VKMULTI.NET The VK2 Based DMR network that talks to the world.

STATUS:HBLink - OK,Parrot - OK,Dashboard - OK,MMDVM Bridge - Down
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VKMulti.NET Rules and etiquette

VKMulti.net is there for people to share experiment and enjoy however there are a few rules and some etiquette that can make everyones time more enjoyable.

If you would like to activate talk group Brandmeister 91 or TGIF 31665 please announce your intentions on 777 and ask if the system is in use before kerchunking 91 / 31665. Once you have finished using the international talk groups please announce you are closing the talk group on 777 which will also disconnect 91/31665

Under no circumstances can you link 91 or 31665 to another system by any means. This includes having multiple hotsports on the same frequency. The owners of 91 and 31665 do not allow linking. Doing so will see VKMulti.net banned from those networks and we will all suffer. Anyone found linking or experimenting on 91 / 31665 will be blocked from VKMUlti.net . You are welcome to experiment on 777

Please be kind to each other and enjoy the network.

73 for now.

Matt (VK2FLY)