VKMULTI.NET The VK2 Based DMR network that talks to the world.

STATUS:HBLink - OK,Parrot - OK,Dashboard - OK,MMDVM Bridge - OK
LASTHEARD:INFO 2022-07-01 16:54:19,656 (VKDMR-NETWORK) *CALL END*   STREAM ID: 3935227634 SUB: 5051815 (5051815) PEER: 5052562 (5052562) TGID AUSTRALIA TG505 (505), TS 2, Duration: 8.89
MOTD: VKMulti has been moved to a new home with a bit faster hardware. - Enjoy 

Configuring DROID-Star

DROID-Star is a multi protocol radio app for Android that is compatible with VKMulti.NET right from the menu.

Simply configure your DROID-Star as in the screen shot bellow substituting your radio ID and callsign within the config.